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1. What do i need to do in order to be eligible to attend San Diego Bad Intentions Fendom Events?

In order to attend one of our events, you must be vetted in person by Miss Melody Pond &/or Princess Nina


2. What should I wear?

Try to stay within the theme, but dress in whatever makes you comfortable. Be creative!

3. What should I expect?

Expect to have fun! Ask questions, join the fun, or just stand back and observe. Just expect to be yourself! Be mindful of consent rules, ask before touching, and please do not interrupt scenes in progress. There will be a 101 BDSM tutorial at the beginning of the event disclosing quick rules of the venue and scene safety.

4. Why is the address so hush hush?

The party is being held in a private venues in the San Diego area, we do not publish the address. It is only given to those with confirmed reservations to avoid any potential issues.

5. Who can come?

Anyone 21+ who is respectful of the Female Led theme of the party. No tickets will be sold at the door. There will be a door person checking people in.

6. What is the photo/video/recording policy?

No photography or filming is permitted by guests during the party! But if you really want pictures, please ask one of the events staff capture those images for you. WE strive to protect the privacy of all those attending.

7. Do I have to be a female identifying dominant or submissive male to attend?

No. But all our scenes will be led by female identifying Dominants or switches.

8. I don't identify as a female dominant or a male submissive or slave but I want to play!

That is completely understandable and you are more than welcome to attend. We welcome everyone who is respectful of the Female Led environment of this event but again all our scenes will be led by female identifying dominants or switches.

9. Will there be Dungeon Monitors at this event?

Yes. The DMs will act on behalf of the event hosts and have permission from the host to pause a scene, or end a scene if guests are playing in a way that is unsafe. Please pay attention to the 101 BDSM tutorial at the event to know what is not considered safe play. Any guests harassing DMs will be asked to leave.

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