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A Weekend of Empowerment: My Experience at San Diego Pride

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

San Diego Pride was a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity this past weekend, and I had the absolute pleasure of immersing myself in it. Among the many highlights was the time I spent in the Leather Realm, an educational outreach area committed to shedding light on the BDSM, Fetish, Kink, and alternative lifestyle communities. Their mission resonated deeply with my personal beliefs: eradicating stereotypes, improving visibility, and promoting a deeper comprehension of Safe, Sane, and Consensual play.

During the afternoons, I represented my organization, SD Bad Intentions Femdom Events, at our booth. This provided a unique chance to educate a diverse group of people about Femdom and BDSM and to introduce them to the munches we organize. It was encouraging to see many sign up for more information, showing a keen interest in exploring these facets of their sexuality and relationships.

The mornings were filled with different, but equally gratifying experiences. As a “player,” I was a “demo top,” introducing curious individuals and couples to impact play in a safe, consensual, and informative manner. Their expressions of discovery, understanding, and self-realization were incredibly rewarding to witness.

Pride, for me, was a weekend of empowerment. It was a chance to affirm my own journey in the world of Femdom, to celebrate the diversity of human desires and experiences, and to help others begin or further their exploration in a supportive, respectful environment. It served as a reminder that we all have unique desires, interests, and fetishes, and events like these play a vital role in empowering us to explore and embrace them without fear or judgment.

San Diego Pride, in essence, encapsulated the spirit of freedom, acceptance, and pride in our individual journeys, which is something I am deeply passionate about. I look forward to participating again next year, engaging in more enlightening conversations, and guiding more individuals and couples on their journey of self-discovery.



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